LV WORCS! - Las Vegas Worker Ownership Resources and Cooperative Services

LVWORCS Strategic Plan

SNAC: Southern Nevada Agricultural Cooperative
The Worker Cooperative Food Hub is an employee owned network between the Las Vegas community and local organic food growers, keeping jobs and profits from food retail circulating through the local economy, and sustaining access to healthy organic food by distributing to local businesses and neighborhoods.

Hey There Cooperators!

We are in need of those who want to organize for LVWORCS! We need volunteers who would be willing to take on the mantle of organizing our present organization. Currently we have a good number of Media Outlets for Outreach, we've just established a UNLV Library Section in the William Boyd Law School Cooperative Section, and we've hosted a number of move nights to raise awareness about our ventures. We also have a somewhat established student organization at UNLV though we are going through some complications.
Responsibilities would include doing research about cooperativsm organizing with other individuals who want to start businesses, perhaps starting a business yourself with the resources we have, going and meeting other cooperators in other cities and conferences, and hosting events.

Two of our members who have been organizing heavily are taking a break due to personal circumstances so we need folks who want to pick up the cooperative flame!

Get in contact with us, email us back, facebook us, how ever you want to reach us.